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  Universal Hardware Direct UK Ltd has been fortunate to supply architectural ironmongery as part of many development and refurbishment projects, involving both residential and commercial premises. As a result, we've grown expert in identifying and supporting the requirements of both market sectors.

Our ability to provide hardware only or combine with a turnkey supply and installation service can and frequently does, work in concert with one another.

For each product that Universal Hardware Services supplies and installs, we follow a lockstep methodology which involves discrete deliverables, checklists and best practices. This methodology enables consistent, high quality installations. The phases of the methodology include:

• Site Audit (where required and relevant)
• Installation Planning
• Installation & Commissioning of Hardware
• Installation Testing and Handover
• Provisioning of your people with orientation on the product

Key benefits include:

Cost-effective solution lets you take advantage of our installation expertise while your staff stays focused on what they know best

Proven installation methodology enables consistent, high quality installations that provide the foundation for product reliability, availability and serviceability

Let Universal Hardware Direct show how the power of our Turnkey Solutions and how they can free up valuable management time – single supply, single accountability

Take time and trouble out of the installation process

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