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Tubular stainless steel and aluminium handles. Our handles offer thearchitect or designer a wide range of options andwith the majority of handles in stock, we satisfythe needs of the fabricator or installer.

Door Brush Strip used
for sealing against air, light, dust and sound. They can also be fitted as guidesand retainers and the doors used can be any thickness.

Glass Door Hardware, Glass Fittings and Stainless Steel Shower Fittings, Kerol Hardware provide Spider Fittings, Shower Hinges, Glass Clips and Clamps, Door Handles, Door Knobs, Patch Fittings, Sliding Door Systems and Glass Balustrades

A complete selection of Patch Fittings includes Door Patch, Locks, Floor Spring, Pivots and many more accessories, such as Door Handles.

Acomprehensive range
of hardware for
frameless glass shower enclosuresconsisting of hinges, clamps, reinforcing bars, seals and handles. Components are available for glass thicknesses from 6mm to 12mm.

Door Track systems, Hangers, Guides,

Designed for small domestic and commercial doors, warehouse securitycage doors etc. Also suitable for full height cupboards in which case the track (pre-drilled) can be screwed directly to the head.

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