Black Antique Pricing
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41-1011BA Lever Lock - 150mm x 50mm     Pair
41-1012BA Bathroom Set - 150mm x 50mm     Pair
41-1013BA Lever Latch - 110mm x 50mm     Pair
41-1014BA Lever Latch - 150mm x 50mm     Pair
41-1021BA Lever Latch (150mm x 40mm)     Pair
41-1022BA Lever Lock (150mm x 40mm)     Pair
41-1031BA Lever Lock (130mm x 40mm)     Pair
41-1032BA Lever Latch (75mm x 40mm)     Pair
41-1041BA Lever Latch (155mm x 50mm)     Pair
41-1042BA Lever Lock (155mm x 50mm)     Pair
41-1051BA Bathroom Lock Set (195mm x 50mm)     Pair
41-1052BA Lever Lock (195mm x 50mm)     Pair
41-1053BA Lever Latch Set (195mm x 50mm)     Pair
41-1061BA Lever Lock - 150mm x 50mm     Pair
41-1062BA Bathroom Set - 150mm x 50mm     Pair
41-1063BA Lever Latch - 110mm x 50mm     Pair
41-1064BA Lever Latch - 150mm x 50mm     Each
41-1071BA Fleurs De Lys Letter Plate - 370mm x 100mm     Each
41-1072ABA Plain Letter Plate - 250mm x 75mm     Each
41-1072BBA Plain Letter Plate - 250mm x 100mm     Each
41-1073BA Postal Knocker - 305mm x 102mm     Each
41-1074BA Fleurs De Lys Cylinder Cover - 120mm     Each
41-1075BA Cylinder Cover - 120mm     Each
41-1076BA Bell Push - 100mm x 35mm     Each
41-1077BA Lion Knocker - 150mm     Each
41-1078BA Lion Knocker - 75mm x 64mm     Each
41-1079BA Ring Knocker - 95mm     Each
41-1080BA Black Iron Numeral 0 - 100mm (4")     Each
41-1081BA Black Iron Numeral 1 - 100mm (4")     Each
41-1082BA Black Iron Numeral 2 - 100mm (4")     Each
41-1083BA Black Iron Numeral 3 - 100mm (4")     Each
41-1084BA Black Iron Numeral 4 - 100mm (4")     Each
41-1085BA Black Iron Numeral 5 - 100mm (4")     Each
41-1086BA Black Iron Numeral 6 - 100mm (4")     Each
41-1087BA Black Iron Numeral 7 - 100mm (4")     Each
41-1088BA Black Iron Numeral 8 - 100mm (4")     Each
41-1089BA Black Iron Numeral 9 - 100mm (4")     Each
41-1090BA Working Hinge - 225mm     Pair
41-1091BA Working Hinge - 305mm     Pair
41-1092BA Working Hinge - 150mm     Pair
41-1093BA Working Hinge - 225mm     Pair
41-1094BA Working Hinge - 305mm     Pair
41-1095BA Working Hinge - 430mm     Pair
41-1096BA Hinge Front - 400mm     Pair
41-1097BA Working Hinge - 400mm     Pair
41-1098BA Working Hinge - 375mm     Pair
41-1099BA Gate (Handle Only)     Pair
41-10XXBA Lever Bathroom (155mm x 50mm)     Pair
41-1101BA Gate (Latch Handle) - 100mm     Each
41-1102BA Thumb Latch Handle - 230mm     Each
41-1103BA Thumb Latch - 140mm     Each
41-1104BA Thumb Latch - 203mm     Each
41-1105BA Indicator Bolt - 70mm (Latch available in 92mm)     Each
41-1106BA Curl Hook & Mortice Plate Fastner - 75mm     Each
41-1107BA Hook & Mortice Pate Fastner - 75mm     Each
41-1108BA Curley Casement Stay - 250mm     Each
41-1109BA Curley Casement Stay - 300mm     Each
41-1110BA Screw Down Adjustable Stay - 250mm     Each
41-1111BA Screw Down Adjustable Stay - 300mm     Each
41-1112BA Casement Stay - 200mm     Each
41-1113BA Casement Stay - 250mm     Each
41-1114BA Casement Stay - 300mm     Each
41-1115BAD Straight Bolt - 100mm     Each
41-1116BA Straight Bolt - 125mm     Each
41-1117BA Straight Bolt - 200mm     Each
41-1118BA Necked Bolt - 125mm     Each
41-1119BA Necked Bolt - 200mm     Each
41-1120BA Necked Door Bolt - 100mm     Each
41-1121BA Straight Bolt - 100mm     Each
41-1122BA Finger Plate - 300mm x 70mm     Each
41-1123BA Pull Handle - 200mm     Each
41-1124BA Pull Handle - 265mm     Each
41-1125BA Pull Handle - 270mm     Each
41-1126BA Fleurs De Lys Pull Handle - 100mm     Each
41-1127BA Fleurs De Lys Pull Handle - 125mm     Each
41-1128BA Fleurs De Lys Pull Handle - 170mm     Each
41-1129BA Fleurs De Lys Pull Handle - 230mm     Each
41-1130BA Center Door Knob - 64mm     Each
41-1131BA Center Door Knob - 75mm     Each
41-1132BA Oval Mortice Knob - 65mm     Each
41-1133BA Mortice Knob - 50mm     Pair
41-1134BA Fancy Escutcheon - 50mm     Each
41-1135BA Rectangle Escutcheon - 50mm     Each
41-1136BA Oval Escutcheon - 50mm     Each
41-1137BA Covered Escutcheon - 50mm     Each
41-1138BA Fancy Hinge - 52mm     Each
41-1139BA Fancy Hinge - 70mm     Each
41-1140BA Fancy Hinge - 89mm     Each
41-1141BA Hat & Coat Hook - 140mm     Each
41-1142BA Hat & Coat Hook - 160mm     Each
41-1143BA Cabin Hook - 102mm     Each
41-1144BA Cabin Hook - 152mm     Each
41-1145BA Robe Hook - 40mm     Each
41-1146BA Robe Hook - 55mm     Each
41-1147BA Double Robe Hook - 50mm     Each
41-1148BA Espagnolette Bolt (Doors up to 9ft) - 2745mm     Each
41-1149BAA Oval Thumb Turn & Coin Release 38mm Rose 4.95mm spindle     Each
41-11XXBA Curley Casement Stay - 200mm     Each