Accessories Pricing
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49-1001D Allen Key     Each
49-1002PBB Door Guard Chain     Each
49-1002PCB Door Guard Chain     Each
49-1003PBD Oval Plate     Each
49-1004PBD Hasp & Staple 100mm     Each
49-1004PCD Hasp & Staple 75mm     Each
49-1005PBD Door Viewer 180 Deg     Each
49-1005PCD Door Viewer 180 Deg     Each
49-1006PBD Letter Plate Bolts     Each
49-1006PCD Letter Plate Bolts     Each
49-1007PBD Bathroom Snib     Each
49-1007PCD Bathroom Snib     Each
49-1007SCD Bathroom Snib     Each
49-1008D Spindle (Grub screw) - 8mm     Each
49-1009D Spindle (Standard) - 8mm     Each
49-1010D Spindle (Bathroom) - 4.9mm     Each
49-1011EBD Forend (Sash Lock)     Each
49-1011PCD Forend (Sash lock)     Each
49-1012EBD Forend (Dead Lock)     Each
49-1012PCD Forend (Dead Lock)     Each
49-1013EBD Forend (Tubular Latch)     Each
49-1013PCD Forend (Tubular Latch)     Each
49-1014EBD Forend (Bolts)     Each
49-1014PCD Forend (Bolts)     Each
49-1015EBD Forend (Small Bolts)     Each
49-1015PCD Forend (Small Bolts)     Each
49-1017PBD Mortice Plate (Fastener)     Each
49-1017PCD Mortice Plate (Fastener)     Each
49-1017SCD Mortice Plate (Fastener)     Each
49-1018PBD Cranked Pin     Each
49-1018PCD Cranked Pin     Each
49-1018SCD Cranked Pin     Each
49-1019PBD Stay Pin     Each
49-1019PCD Stay Pin     Each
49-1019SCD Stay Pin     Each
49-1020PBD Keep (Cabin Hook)     Each
49-1020PCD Keep (Cabin Hook)     Each
49-1020SCD Keep (Cabin Hook)     Each
49-1021PBD Keep (Heavy)     Each
49-1022EBD Taylor Spindle     Each
49-1023D Long Screw (Cylinder) - 76mm     Each
49-1024D Grub Screw     Each
49-1025PD Porcelain Sleeve     Each
49-1027 Split Spindle (with adjusting screw)     Each
49-1029PB Card Frame - Small (75mm x 38mm)     Each
49-1030PB Card Frame - Large (113mm x 86mm)     Each
49-1040 Spindle Sleeve 6mm/7mm/8mm     Each